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Friday, 23 June 2006


Flying Monk

2 American gals in France, watching soccer(!!) on Tv with a bunch of Dutch guys... This could be the scenario for a new reality show!
Sorry to hear that you were "lost in translation" in my home land, while I'm far away...
I look forward to be your guide one day, to show you a bit more than a crappy hotel in north of France...! Cheers Shamash!


Hi, Flying Monk! You're right: it would have been a great reality show, believe me. I wish someone had been filming us: you can't make this stuff up!

Good to hear from you!!!!


I needed a good laugh! My life has become too intense lately and it is good to see that you are blogging away.
Hey, I read about some flooding in PA, NY, stc. and am hoping your fam is ok.


Hi, LMJ! I'll have to check out the flooding situation. At the moment, I'm not listening or reading the news much. Cheers, mate! ;-)


Ok, just laughed out loud at your Menno digs. I never took French (or watched football), either, even though Canada is officially bilingual (with a few million French-speakers). We even had French friends from the neighbouring Catholic towns, but that was clearly not taken into account.

Instead, we had to take German -- regular "high" German, rather than the "Low German" our grandparents still spoke. I don't think they wanted us understanding when the older folks gossiping about us. It was used as a secret code we weren't privy to.


LOL. I apologise for my stiff countrymen if you'll apologise for yours ;)


Hi, Michiel. Believe me: I am constantly apologizing for my countrymen- almost as much as I am apologizing for our President. :-(

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