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Thursday, 15 June 2006


Darth Vader

You gonna add some ink to that pearly white flesh of yours??? :) Might I suggest that you avoid the skull and crossbones - don't wanna upset Davy Jones...


No skull and crossbones for me: if anything, a mystical symbol like a celtic knot or a sufi symbol.

How about a portrait of Vyogotsky, with "Zone of Proximal Development " incribed in Latin underneath. In papyrus font, of course. ;-)


Gee, I can't really picture you with a tattoo so if you do get one, you must get something really wild.

Flying Monk

Hummmm, I have a bunch of ideas for you... and where would that be??!! Anyway, I can't wait to see a tatoo on you, and I might eventually come with you to this cool place, to get me a second one!
Just one more thing before you make up your mind... it's somehow a little painful!! ;-)

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