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Wednesday, 07 June 2006


Darth Vader

Interesting topic to write about. As you are well aware, I am in the midst in the moving process that you speak of. My kids are sad that I am leaving and it hurts when they use the word "abandon" because they are just as much a part of me as I am a part of them.

Needless to say, I am struggling with this move. I long for a time and place in my life when I can stop saying goodbye and put down roots. But yet, I still wander about the world - searching for a place to put those roots.

I get comfort in your entry cuz I know that I'm one of those people who has passed into your world. I know that wherever I go in the world, Shamash will be thinking of me... :)


Darth: Let it be known: you are unforgettable.


For many reasons.

But, for me: for

this reason


this reason.


Happy trails, and see you soon!

Ms Sicily

this is a beautiful post and I symphatize with what you say. The other day I took my first exam and afterwards I was waiting exausted for my friends near piccadilly. sitting next to me there was a homeless who was clearly drunk. He asked me for a lighter and we begun to speak. Then he told me something beautiful, that will probably stay with me longer than all the anthropological theories I had studied for that exam: "when you loose you hearth, you loose everything". People sometimes dont realize it, but they can open your eyes about things that are so simple and yet so easily forgotten....


Howdy, Ms. Sicily:

Wow. What a great story of how someone- a stranger in a city who asks you for a light- can remind us of the essentials of life.

Sometimes I wonder: what's the use of all this study - books, theories, literary journal articles- when all that really matters is your health, and to love and be loved?

Cheers, and lunch at Russell Square on Wed?

Hugs, and see you soon.

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