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Sunday, 23 July 2006



interesting, though hardly conclusive evidence. And I think it is Banksy, not Bansky.

Flickr has loads on him (of course):


Hi, Michiel. Thanks for the spelling correction. Some of us are official dyslexics- I made the changes.

And of course it's not conclusive evidence.

Whimsy might be a better term.


Hello Dear,
I too found our little coffee morning to be most pleasurable. In way of thanking you for not disclosing my current alter ego, I am planning a special little something that you may see in the papers soon; I call it Basil and I dedicate it to you xx


Oooooh, the plot thickens.

Curse you, internet anonymity!



Hi, Banksy! I look forward to seeing "Basil" (pronounced "BAAA-sil, not BAY-sil, of course!) ;-)

Water her well, and put her in a bigger pot so she grows even greener than she is already.

cheers, bloke/mate/chap, and keep up the good work! :-)


Did your Banksy look anything like the guy in the pics at the link below?

These are allegedly photos of Banksy with Damon Albarn of Blur/Gorillaz fame (Banksy did Blur's "Think Tank" CD cover).



The geocities link is so bogus!
Though geocities is "access denied" in the city where I live, I'm now in Bangkok and can finally access it.

Look at the pipe on the wall, the window, and the garage/windowfront barrier.

These are two different buildings, and two different storefrones. Also: look at the graffitti! What bogus "proof" of Banksy's identity!


no stupid.
its the same building. just about 15 feet further to the right, when the picture was taken. look at the door. not sure if its him or not, but definitely the same building!


Banksy ill find you :P


I have a gut feeling that banksy is Damon Albran from blur and gorillaz ...i could be wrong i dont have much to back it but i really think so...what do yall think

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