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Sunday, 27 August 2006


lucy ravinsdale

Everytime I read your posts, I'm inspired.... like now.... I might have to go dig out my watercolors : ) Miss you and the gang from England.


You do have an inspirational way of writing. It makes me feel more like writing...I want to take my laptop and sit in the corner of some cafe, and just write.

I've been uploading more movies to my youtube space. If you can get them where you are...my handle is: baritone49....I'm about to start creating some more...it's been way too long.

Miss you, and you Lucy!


Lots of missing you
Me missing you too

People mountain People sea is how they describe the crowds where I am. The people are the elements here. Does that make me want to learn the language? Yes!

You made me miss the city, if only for a moment ;)


Nice to see you back here. Hearing of your exotic yard makes me think that you should definitely have an earthship when/if you come back.
Kira is yelling at me and I have to go wash her hair. Will check in later.


hi, all.
Lucy R.: I would love to see some of your watercolors (and I'm looking forward to hearing how the meeting went with the Spartan "powers that be.")

baritone49: I checked out your videos on youtube. I continue to be impressed with your "Adrien Learns to Cliff Dive" and, of course, the end of the year video. I sent the "Year 3 Year-end Video" on to rob (not "running rob"- the other one), who I'll see in Bangkok this weekend for a conference. Oh. And yeah: take that high-powered mac of yours and head to a cafe this weekend. Write, write, write! :-)

naga: "people mountain people sea": pure poetry: haiku! there's not much going on here in y., so enjoy your new, oriental environment. :-)

LJM: you KNOW I'd be living in Taos in an
earthship if I could afford it. One of my life dreams is to own and live in an earthship. One day, my friend, one day....

miss you all ...


Hey Shamash,
You made me 'homesick' for one of my homes, a wonderful description of the kinds of tropical storms that make it seem alive. Hope that you are doing well despite weather, theses and the like. Love to all in that place in Asia!


Hi, Amelia! No, there's nothing like a tropical storm to enliven the senses.

We're all doing well here, though so many of the original gang have moved on. As for me: I'm loving my (new) home so much that I might never leave. Now that the masters thesis is written and I've finally graduated, I have my life back- whatever THAT means! :-)

Missing you, and our shared love for mystical poetry.

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