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Sunday, 12 November 2006



When I'm at HQ I will make a coffee run once every 30 minutes for the entire time I am there. At home in the weekend I start with a coffee and do one every two hours for most of the day (I make strong coffee). In summer I might add a red bull or two. When going to town I like the red bull with red wodka combo: getting drunk AND buzzed.

Yet during my work week in Thailand I drank nary a coffee as it was all brown water to me; but I really didn't miss it. It weirded me out a little.

And on a different note; 24 was fine the first season but we are now at what, season 5? How many times can the guy save the world?

tish g

mmmmmm....coffee! the elixir of life! without it, I would cease to exist (or at least be very, very cranky in the morning...)

I don't know about you Shamash, but I'm also a coffee snob. I like really good, rich coffee--not the tepid bilgewater some people believe to be coffee...

and yeah, I could give up CSI, vanilla frosted cupcakes, donuts, and good steaks if I had to, but coffee...never.

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