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Saturday, 04 November 2006


tish grier

ha! you know, I love retrosexual guys too. years ago I learned that metrosexuals have small egos that are easily brused when a woman makes a better joke or can get one over on them intellectually. *then* they get cattier than a group of teenage girls! Retrosexuals do all kinds of little things for women (like fix stuff and get the door) not because women are weak, or because they expect you to do those things the next time, but because they respect women.

There was, I'm sure a time before hair gel when all men looked pretty much the same--all were retro-looking. Inability to differentiate got so many feminists to think that when a guy got the door for you it was a bad thing. Nowadays though metrosexuals don't have to hide under a thin veneer of retrosexuality. They can be just as pretty as they want to be without any social stigma. And that makes it so much easier on the rest of us :-)


The term "metrosexual" to me connotes men who, outside of their conventional sexual orientation, display mostly feminine rather than masculine traits. Vain and self conscious about grooming/dress alone does not a metro make. No, I think a profound lack of capacity for self reliance with dependency on others or "the system" must also be included in the definition.
If a metro were held at gunpoint and told to change his own oil (maybe even his own flat tire) within half a day or face the consequences, he'd be dead by noon.
As with many women, metro's are fine paper and expensive ribbon wrapped over an empty package with little substance... all show, no go.

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