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Sunday, 31 December 2006



So glad you're ok!


I can't believe how great you are about the positive side to staying in that hospital.

Hope your recovery is quick!


Oh my...sorry you had to miss that epic part of your trip...and so glad you're ok. Happy New Year!


...and glad to hear you got out of Bangkok before last night's bombings. Ugh.

tish g

I've been wondering where you were lately! and glad that the tumors were benign and you're on the mend...

and that both "intelligent design" and "hospital gowns" can be used in the same sentence;-)

so, with all this medial nonsense out of the way this could then be a Happy New Year after all. Hope you get to that trek soon :-)

the bluest eyes

Dear Shamash! SO glad to read you´re ok, and moreover that you keep your great mindset, able to see all the positive sides. I am just about to get ready to leave home after some troublesome days. My mum is having chemotherapy at the moment due to a tumor as well, and I wish you could pass a tiny bit of your courage to her! get well soon!

legend of y

OH NOOOO! I was so shocked to hear the news and so happy to hear you're okay! Your description of lovely Bumrungrad almost made me want to get operated on too...well, ok, not really. I guess if it had to happen somewhere, you're lucky it happened in Bangkok! Happy new year and take it easy as you're healing!


I am envious! Oh to have had my past two surgeries at Bumrungrad rather than a boring and cold out-patient facility in Sacremento! You know how to go first class all the way.

Glad that it all turned out OK and that you are on the mend. Happy New Year!

Miss Sicily

ahhhhhhhhh!!!!my dearest shamash!!
I cant believe everything happened so quickly! now take care of yourself, rest, and take it easy!
..I knew it, with all that vegetarian food...
big kisses

Darth Vader

Hey there chica - so glad to hear that you are good. In NZ at the moment, will write more when I get to US. So happy to hear you are benign! :)

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