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Thursday, 22 February 2007




haven't visited you for some time. and it's nice to be back, hear about your Chinese City Quests.
seems such a gift you are having to live this!


Incredible captures, Shamash! Say hi to the French Contessa for me. Hehe. Hope all's well.


Hi, moon! Yes, it is, indeed, a blessing to live here. The longer I stay, the more I fall in love with the people and culture of this country.

Hey, Leland! I've been following your Phillipine travels, and also love the photo album of THIS country! I'll say hi to French Contessa when she returns from her trip to India. Cheers!


oh, I'm *so* envious! you can go outside, where it's warm, and see beautiful things...

it's absolutely freezing here in New England (7 degrees last evening, 14 tonight) and life is unliveable without wool...

BTW, the pics are beautiful :-)

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