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Friday, 02 February 2007



Thanks for playing.

Despite the insights, it makes me wonder all the more how a girl growing up in an ultra-conservative Mennonite community ended up as such a thrill-seeking globetrotter.


Hi, Jeremy.
I still haven't figured that one out.
I credit the "traveling genes" of my two grandfathers, parents who broke the mold within the established church bounds and moved the whole family to New York State for a few years, a solid public education (which most staunch Mennonites don't get), and the hundreds (may thousands??) of books that I secretly devoured from the public library. Being raised without a TV gave me lots of time to hide in my room reading long into the night about strange, exotic lands while everyone else was asleep.

And then there's the theory of the soul: that our personality has little to with our surroundings and upbringing and lots to do with that "personality" or "soul" that we're born with. My sister and I, close in age and raised in the same environment, are as different as night and day.

You'd be surprised at how many expats come from small towns and are the ONLY travelers in their families.

We're always trying to figure out why this is so! :-)


i'm getting to be your greatest fan!!!
what a life!
you don't stop amazing me dear shamash.

and i wonder, when is it that you'll get into writing a book about all of this!


just wanted to say, wow. I am really impressed with your spontanious attitude and your 'carpe diem' approach to life. quitting your 10-year career and traveling is an amazing feat, I think, and I just wanted to say congratulations for seizing the day, and that you are an encouragement to people trying to just that!

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