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Monday, 23 April 2007



Hi Shamash! Great shots! I completely agree with you that a visit to Inle Lake is good for the soul. The serenity is unbelievable.


Hi, Leland!
Spoken like someone who's been there! :-) Good to hear from you, dear friend!

Strong Enough to Carry Me

Please promise to do this trip again next year when I visit from Singapore- I never made it to Inle when I lived in Yangon. Dancing Shoes seems like an excellent tour guide!


You, me, Dancing Shoes, and might we add Long Beach and Looks Good Scruffy to our caravan? ;-) It would be a hoot, for sure.

D.S. and I found some natural hotsprings, and spent over 4 hours there. Also: some great Shan food in the village (my first authentic taste of the stuff)and crazy rides on the backs of trucks: the stuff that adventures are made of! ;-)


You've received a Thinking Blogger Award. Please play along if you're so inclined. :)

bluest eyes

Great pics, shamash!

among the five places "that made me think", Inle is definitely in...

you´re really a muse...


Hi, bluest eyes!
The monsoon is here: a good reason to go the The Monsoon, don't you think?

Wish I could be sharing a pot of China tea with you in BKK or Inle or here in Y.

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