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Sunday, 01 April 2007


Strong Enough to Carry Me

Long Beach and I just came back from having drinks at our neighboring water hole, the Falcon bar. I love that I just happened to scroll across your most recent post about sky bar. The BEST bar in the world- except when election day is the next day and all alcohol sales have been stopped. Glad to see D.S. made it up there! And I can't believe that you made it to DJ Station!!!How funny....
Hope to be kicking back Singapore slings with you soon....
Cheers 'till then


Hey, Strong Enough to Carry Me!
yes, I made it to DJ Station: what a PLACE!!! And as for Long Beach, tell her to come back to Asia soon!

Whatever the case, we'll all soon be Singapore Slingin', and I can't wait! :-)
I saw Old Lady at the EARCOS conference (YOUR name for her: not mine!) and she looks great!


Love this new feature! love this page.

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