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Friday, 04 May 2007


Legend of Y

Oooh, my favorite time of year!! I love the drama of a monsoon-- the swaying palm trees, the falling mangos and coconuts, the loud claps of thunder. And love how the chatter and noises typical of somewhere in Asia suddenly silence. Enjoy and stay dry!


You deserve a SNOW DAY! :O) I love the drama of crazy weather as well. We've been here in "lovely" Texas for nearly 7 months and it's tornado season and certainly the stuff of some good western novels. I keep getting excited about the thought of the new weather and of course love reading abou it through your eyes! Loved the pictures too.


Wow, what Taosenos would do for a little of that rain. It's super cold here and the fruit in all the surrounding areas has frozen. Fatima comes home today!
Hope to see you.


Freddie- how exciting to hear that we'll soon be at least on the same continent, and but an hour's plane ride away! Soon, we'll be sharing our "weather" stories. :-)

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