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Thursday, 17 May 2007



Oh my, the lovely land of Taos, NM, where your neighbor can tell the town manager she wants your water shut off because it runs across her property, and has since 1934 when her father put it in, and the town will actually do it to a pregnant woman and her two children in the middle of the summer just after she's paid Rico 600.00 for landscaping. I can't say that I love this town, not its politics anyhow.
If you've been reading the paper, you may have noticed that our lovely hummer-driving mayor has sued the Horsefly paper and Jeff Northrup of Jack-Wrap-It.
Anyhow, summer is here, even though it snowed two weeks ago. The leaves are open on the trees, lilacs are blooming all over town, Fatima is back, and the monsoons are here early. All of a sudden, it's hot as hell, or seemingly so, until the afternoon clouds roll in and drop some rain.
By the way, I am sitting in my sun room next to one of the plants you gave me before moving.
I was in the blotter a few months ago when Jethro refused to leave my house and then fought me when I was trying to close the door. It was scary because he's so big and I was pregnant, home alone with two kids.
Take care and give a call when you're around.


I just saw this one:
8:22 p.m., Assault, Holy Cross Hospital – Two males got into fight in the emergency room. Both are still there.


Datta: Taos is so very full of melodrama: dangerous melodrama at times, and often unjust. How lovely to know that you still have one of the plants, and that it grows, like your children, in the sunroom. See you soon, dear friend.

Princess Haiku

I have only heard about the art shows and spiritual teachers etc in Taos. Now, I read about poor dogs trapped in dumpsters, and blonde haired shoplifters etc. :)


Hi, Princess Haiku.

Taos has more art galleries per capital than most cities in the world, and yes, there are many spiritual teachers who reside in the vicinity.

But, despite its peaceful appearance, there is, indeed, violence. It's a harsh place to live, and beautiful place to live. And the people: like no other people in the world- independent, lively, free-thinkers, seekers, and visionaries.

I've lived on four continents. I keep coming back to Taos again and again; I can't stay away.


Can you believe we now have DSL in Angel Fire?!


Hell has indeed frozen over, Hyacinth!
Maybe I can now buy land there and build a house?


Just to let you all know, the art galleries are experiencing some hard times. Some have even closed down.


Datta, are you trying to convince me NOT to buy land in Taos? ;-)

Carol Peluso

very interesting local politics. . . especially the fracas between your "esteemed" mayor, and prominent local citizen Jeff Northrup. Well, there is no doubt where my loyalties lie in this one. . . Northrup missed his true calling as an investigative reporter. . . but we wish him well, anyhow.

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