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Tuesday, 19 June 2007



Ok, I just got my first high-speed 1 mg connection of my life and I'm living in a camper on Lama mountain, go figure. When I saw this post, I just had to respond. I know your bag. I asked you if you would give it to me when you told me that leather cannot survive Asian climates. I remember the look on your face in Natalie Goldberg's kitchen after I asked. A good bag is way better than most relationships, it's true.
I hope you have enjoyed your time in the states and that your family is well.
I am keeping an eye out for an affordable house for you.

bluest eyes

The World is SOOO small! Without any intention of running into another tempting bag store (already spent a fortune on a GREAT black leather bag when travelling to Switzerland this summer) I was wandering around the Village where I stayed at friends when I ended up in front of "The Village Tannery", telling myself that I somehow knew this shop ;-) A pitty we couldn´t have gone out that night with our SATC-shoes ;-)


Oh, what a small world it is, indeed, Bluest Eyes! I would give anything to try SATC shoes with SATC bags in the sexiest city in the western hemisphere. ;-)

Wish I had experienced NYC with you as and had as much fun as we did in


To bad we weren't in NYC the same time!


Show me a picture of the bag!


I too bought a gorgeous bag I couldn't afford at the Village Tannery during a NY visit last fall after friends convinced me, "You work hard! You deserve it!" Fast forward to last night at a bar in Pittsburgh -- where a lady named Olga offered me double what I paid for it on the spot. I had to turn her down, because I love my bag.

Jeroen Bouten

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