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Thursday, 28 June 2007


Jeff Hess

Shalom Shamash,

I visit museums, particularly the Cleveland Museum of Art, for a regular whack on the side of the head.

I like to look at art and ask the questions: why this view; why this medium; what did the artist see; what did the artist want me to see; what does this piece of art tell me about the artist, the time the artist lived in and the time I live in; how does this piece of art change the way I see the world?

There are a lot more questions, but that's a good start.

And I owe this all to my dad who every summer took me to the art museum in Pittsburgh and taught me how to look at art.




Hi, Jeff.

I haven't yet been to the museum in Pittsburg.

The questions you ask yourself when viewing a piece of are are certainly good ones to consider when visiting a museum.

I think I'll pose these questions to my students when we view art in class.

Good to hear from you.


I love your writing! Good writing does for me what art does for you, reminds me that I am not alone in this crazy world.
I do not visit museums or galleries. Around here it is all art of Indians or adobe houses and churches. I do take the kids to the museum's homeschooling program where the kids view exhibits and do a project inspired by what they saw. I do see great things at the harwood from very local people.
I guess art gets my creative juices flowing, reminds me that there is no point to living "in the box" and it gives my brain/self permission to be a little more unique in my own personal expression in the world.
Unfortunately, I am one of those cynical browsers when I do happen upon art like the Taos Open show where Fatima has her art. Something happens to me when I am faced with so much art. Being a natural cynic and judge, I just watch the critique come rolling almost off my tongue, stopping myself just before I actually say anything with the countless others around.

Julie Baugnet

Love your insights on the observations of people in a museum. The next time I go to the museum...well, that will be this afternoon. I'm going to the Mpls. Institute of Arts and I'll look things over with your "eye and insight." Great wiriting! Most importantly, I go to the museum to keep in touch with creativity and global issues. I believe that in this frazzled world (of media hype and bad journalism), there is a need as humans to look at beauty, and to be reminded the magnificent things we can do when we challenge ourselves. Art evokes thought, reverie and shows us the profound.

Princess Haiku

I like the Asian Art Museum in SF. Thanks for the virtual links.

marcus monenerkit

I have been asking why people visit museums for some time. I think they visit to gain insight, whether it is trivial or important. People need information and they feel that museums offer such.

reading glasses

People are made of art. People goes to museum to know more about history art and life!


I think it's great when people get interested in art, even if it IS just to snap a picture or themselves in front of it. Who cares? Anyone who takes time for art is taking time to enrich their lives...weather or not they spend an hour staring at a painting, weather or not they have kids, weather or not they are holding hands... etc. Art is for everyone to appreciate in their own way..... no one should impose rules of who can or who should or how they can or can not approach art or a museum. Why do people always want to take beautiful things and turn them into something pretentious?

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