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Saturday, 07 July 2007



Well, we tend to need clothes once in a while, and a journal is in the necessity category...so don't be too hard on yourself.

I feel the same in any mall, so I just don't go any more. They make me ill. These mega-malls just add more spectacle to the artifice, which I suppose is how it gets on the itineraries of restless families on vacation, but isn't the whole thing just kind of obscene?

Great post, as always. Got me stewing...


I grew up partly in a mall; my mom owned a store there and we went there everyday after school. ALL of our trips throughout my life were centered around shopping. We flew to NJ a few times because there was no tax on clothes. We always went to outlet malls as a family vacation. Even today when I talked to my mother, she was in KC shopping. It really is kind of sick but I've been in that mode before too.


What a pile of shit, I'll never understand people's need to feel absolute guilt for their own existence.

There is nothing wrong with being a "consumer" despite the evil connotations this word may carry for members of the political left. It feels good to buy things, to consume things, it's this drive to provide a good life for yourself and your family that has made America the prosperous nation it is today. When everyone has the freedom to act in their own self interest, to better themselves and to live without fear of coercion from others, we all gain.

The Mall of America may be frivolous, it may be extremely decadent but it is also the ultimate example of freedom. As Penn Jillette once said "Decadence is freedom with a smile."


The "sale rack" at the GAP always eases the pain a little bit for me. Of course knowing the pair of pants you scored for $9.99 is probably the same as the salary that the worker was paid for the week makes seem almost sad. I agree with Nathan in that 'decadence is freedom with a smile' and sometimes a bargain. :O)

Doctor J

Hey Shamash!
Rock on, Girl!! I share your Mall perspective, but don't expect Americans living here to get it. The reacculturation process is nearly impossible. When we have seen the things we have seen in the 3rd world, we have a completely different world view. It is so great to meet people here who have lived in developing countries. Malls are still way too intense for me. You know, I hate shopping. I don't plan on getting used to things here, I plan to get back to the "real world." That being said, this country is the best thing going. But talk about overload...whoa!
Missing you!
Dr. J

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