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Thursday, 23 August 2007



Will you come and teach me and my students how to make a book? You continue to fascinate me with your creativity!!!!


Hey, Freddie. With all the great paper in Thailand, that shouldn't be a problem! You know how much I love books, and MAKING them is such a treat.


Keith Christianson...

and I like my nickname: Gesso Guinness. I just designed my library around the color of that fabulous beer. sad, huh? but beautiful without the sideeffects(sideeffects??what's better than picking a distinguishable beverage as a way to start up conversation and gather art images?That's a good side effect!).


Here's to "Guinness Brown" and all the great side effects! :-)

Wish we could draw together this weekend....

Julie B.

Yes, first we should all work with our hands, then heads. and if we have some time, maybe type a blog....hope all is well! I'm in England for the semester teaching photogrphy and bookbinding.


Hey, Julie. I'm a bit jealous of your England experience. I like that idea to first work with our hands, then heads, and THEN branch out into other "stuff." :-) Thanks for your inspiration, and keep up the great teaching.

Princess Haiku

I miss those hand-written journals too and they don't suddenly get deleted, like some posts I write. -Purple ink, glitter, white roses super glued on. I should make one myself... This longing for fine cream colored paper and black ink arose in me.

Gesso Guinness

So how do we plan a visual journaling experience like we had this summer but with such great distances? And cool ass people!!! hmmm... lets think about this for a minute....

by the way ... when are you moving here to get your MFA... cuz we miss ya!


Hey, GG Girl! I've been thinking about how much I'm going to miss a creative summer in your neck of the woods.... I've passed on the visual journal idea to my creative writing class: they have all filled an entire journal, with lots of writing, too.

I wish I were coming to MN, but alas, it will have to wait until next summer, it seems!

Next time I have a Guinness, I'll make a toast to you! Miss you!

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