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Sunday, 23 September 2007


bluest eyes


these pics are so beautiful.
and as green is hope, they are quite designative for what's going on in "Asia" these days.

here, i found the most perfect place for being a hermit this fall, which just turned leaves into the most beautiful redish tones.
but looking at the news these days fills me with hope, despite all the redish-leaves.

i hope all is well at your side?


Luminous photos! Such beauty surrounds you. Love, blessings and prayers from Hyacinth

Adrien Gleason

Hi shamash! I miss you like the dickins'. With M*r in the news over here we worry about you. I hope all is well, and that you are happy, and having a good school year.


It's friday am. I am safe. Please pray for this nation.


You and your side of the world are in our prayers with so much love, Hyacinth, Nancy, and Lizzie

Lucy Ravinsdale

I've been thinking about you practically non-stop for the past weeks. I'll be praying for your protection and safety and optimism and against fear and sadness and homesickness. Whenever you get to read this, know to the core that there are people all over the world who love you. My heart is with the people of your city. With much love, Laura : )

Charlie ( Definitely not your Cat!!!)

Brilliant post!
Photos are simply AMAZING!
You rock!

color meaning symbolic

You would think that they world have OKd it at dha beginning instead of allowing it to go so long without saying a thing and then bringing it back up when it was too late. i dont understand it at all.
Bye Bye

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