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Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Brisbane Hotels

A nice theme for a hotel. I have always loved nature themed hotels because it gives me relaxation both mentally and physically.

boracay island philippines

Unique and Relaxing are the words I would chose to describe this hotel. I have been to Bali several times already and I have heard of this place a couple of times but I havn't been there. It would be great to visit the place and experience their services.

Dive Boracay

I would truly love it if I get a chance to stay in this place for a week. Enjoying their services to its fullest.

Boracay Island Hotel

I can imagine myself enjoying my stay in a place like this. It looks very relaxing.

Boracay island hotel

What a beautiful hotel. I love nature inspired cottages and hotels, it makes me feel closer to nature. I would love to stay there.

phoenix limo

Looks traditional. Im curious about their lifestyle.

 Pousada promocao

Such a great pictures of the hotel and the theme is also awesome .I always loved nature themed hotels because it gives me relax and the give the beauty of the nature .

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