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Sunday, 18 November 2007


Strong Enough to Carry Me

Oh, yes, the joys of piles of papers. Almost as good as carrying them back and forth in your bag for two weeks thinking that one night you will get to them. I miss you!! Why aren't you coming for Thanksgiving? I have a turkey and all the fixings waiting for you along with cosmos. I'm sure there is still room on SilkAir......
Love ya!!
PS - We have a HS English job open for next year...


Hey, Strong Enough to Carry Me: the question is: are you strong enough to carry the bag full of papers back and forth for two weeks as the bag gets fuller and fuller??? hee hee.

For Thanksgiving I'll be visiting a friend in Thailand who I haven't seen in years. He just moved there a few months ago. No worries: there's still time to come visit you.

I'll make a special trip to your country, esp. for those infamous cosmos! ;-) I'm a bit jealous of Miss Mary Mac, and wish I could be two people so that I could jump on the plane with her.

Miss you, and the way you make me laugh.

Happy T-Day: Gobble, Gobble !

Princess Haiku

It is so unjust for teachers to be required to work on their off days.

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