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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


John Rinker

So beautiful. To the many things that keep me here I would add crimson robes that flow to bare feet on rain-soaked ground.

Thanks for these thoughts; they've really brought me back to what's important about being at home in strange lands.


There were so many things I could add to this post, so many beauties, including flowing crimson robes and the bare feet on rain-soaked ground.

I know you know of this: how beauty holds us to a place.



Sarah Roe

I'm on the verge of tears, because your words are what I feel but cannot express of my longing to go back to a foreign land. Feelings that I cannot convey to my husband (and have him understand) about my wanting to venture back into new places and new faces. Thank you for sharing. :)

Ms. K

I know what you mean, Sarah. It's so hard to articulate how living abroad changes us all on such a deep level. I really hope to work with you guys overseas again. . .

Brook Ketchum

Very nice. I now can relate to much of what you say. Your writing is poetic and forces emotion to surface within.

Ms. K

Hi, Brook. I think the longer we stay in a foreign land, the more it pulls us in. Here's to the small beauties that tie us to a new land...

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