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Sunday, 18 September 2011



Kat, darlin', you are living high on courage. Keep feeling us back in Taos as you let the tensile-thin thread give you more reach into the newness. Look for the sameness. Live it. Love it. Dance, sing, and write. You are doing what you love, living a bold life. And you'll never regret it.
Dancing with the Divine,


Tears in my eyes, Robyn. Thank-you. Sometimes the kindest words go so long in helping a soul to heal. Life is hard. And good. Thanks for the reminder that I've chosen this for a reason.

Jeff Hess

Shalom Shamash,

Too many people expect their lives to fit on Facebook or, horrors of horrors, Twitter. We are better than that. To be human is to be insanely complicated and unpredictable.

As Lazarus Long, speaking through his publicist Robert Heinlein once told us, "specialization is for insects."

We are long-form creatures evolved to win the stern chase.



sutanto harsono

Hi Kat, all this time i only know you from the pictures that you made. Now I know that you are a good writer too. I enjoy it so much. Come visit me in Indonesia someday, I am sure your story about Asia would be much more colorful.
best rgds


Love your words, Jeff, especially "To be human is to be insanely complicated and unpredictable"... so true!


Sutanto: after all this time of sharing photos with each other, it's so good to see you that you have discovered my blog... One day I would love to visit you in Indonesia. The world is small, yes? come visit China! :-)

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