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Wednesday, 06 April 2016



I love this. It's so beautiful. It's left me breathless.

Kat Shamash

Writing is such a solitary endeavor.
Getting response to it is such a treat.
It's a wonderful, indescribable feeling to know that my writing inspires others.


Andrea Dennison

"Each breath she took

lifted the scar on her chest where doctors once

took out her heart to fix it."

This bit is just fantastic. It's interesting to have the heart referred to as the literal object instead of the concept. :D

Kat Shamash

Thank-you, Andrea! Often, it's not until the literal, beating heart-as-object starts to fail that we realize its importance.


This is a beautiful poem. Thank you so much! You just made my day with your words.


Beautiful poem, and I just loved the ending, it carries such a pleasantly warm and important message.


Thank you for such beautiful writing, especially verse 7.

Linda Daunter

Wow! You are indeed a poet. Not a word out of place and you took me straight into that scene with you.

Pam Bowen

I like how you hold back the setting/ situation until halfway through the poem. The sharp detail comes first, to paint a picture before we know anything. I also love the last line.

Thomas Kearney

That made made happy! (That, plus having enough food and someone to feed, of course.) Beautifully done.

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